Camera Surveillance


How Can A Surveillance Video Camera Benefit Your Business?

Employees and customers in just about every type of business steal over one billion dollars a week from employers.

Don’t let this happen to you and your business. You can prevent employee theft by installing security cameras. Our newest security and surveillance cameras allow you to conveniently log in from your phone, tablet, or computer to watch real-time what is happening while you’re away. Often times employees are not willing to report another employee’s theft,  but an installed security camera doesn’t lie.

At Global Alarm, we always keep a close eye on new and emerging technologies, system and equipment upgrades, and proven products to provide to our clients.  We have found TruVision® cameras by Interlogix United Technologies to offer superior quality products that consistently and continually outperform competitors.

Global Alarm understands that protecting and keeping a close eye on your business, whether you are open or closed, is vitally important to the health of your business. We can help.

To combat modern-day video surveillance challenges within a building’s structure, TruVision® IP cameras provide state-of-the-art, high definition picture quality and utilize leading compression technology to deliver complete and reliable video coverage.  Even in challenging environments and various lighting conditions, TruVision cameras deliver superior picture quality and offer unique surveillance options to meet the most demanding business environments.

  • Image details with high contrast lighting for exceptional clarity
  • Details in-focus with enhanced clarity in both the foreground and background for added
  • High degree of color accuracy
  • Facial details for optimal identification and recognition.

Interested in how our TruVision security cameras for a business stack up against the competition? Take a look at these seven side-by-side videos for a detailed comparison.  Then give Global Alarm a call to get your security plan started.

Camera Surveillance

The TruVision line of IP Bullet and Dome Cameras and Global Alarm offer a choice of models and styles of surveillance security cameras, so you can find the best fit for your business needs. Take a look at just some of the options and specs available on TruVision Bullet and Dome Cameras:

  • High resolution options to choose from depending on locale
  • Reaches up to 98 ft. (30m) IR range – with convenient on/off settings
  • Integrated motion and tamper detection for added security; privacy masking
  • Flexible detection for cross line, intrusion, object, unattended baggage, and face detection
  • Edge recording on up to 128GB micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card for video playback (Card not included)
  • IP67 Environmental rating
  • TruVision Device Manager software to provide access to newly added and available system devices
  • Select models feature Real-time Video Streaming Up to 1080p resolution to capture critical details
  • Options include True Day/Night Functionality and Infrared Illuminators to Capture Images in Various Lighting Scenarios
  • Captures up to 120 dB of Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Performance for contrasting lighting environments
  • ROI (Region of Interest), hallway view, mirror, de-fog, Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Alarm Inputs and Outputs provide easy notification and control of events
  • Warranty included