Home Automation

Home Automation


As technology becomes more advanced, our homes do to. Home Automation is a term that you may or not be familiar with, but at Global Alarm Systems, we can explain how home automation can mean more comfort and convenience for you when integrated with your security system.


Security System Integration

When you travel, imagine being able to turn on your home’s indoor or outdoor lights automatically, or perhaps you would like to have your shades programmed to open and close each day to give the appearance that someone is home. Imagine your smartphone alerting you when your security system senses a problem. With Home Automation, this is all possible.

Energy Savings

One of the greatest values with having Home Automation is that it helps control the cost of your utility bills. By adding the automation technology into your security system, you can control lighting, shades, HVAC, and appliances. You will have the option of programming your system using “smart” technology” to adjust thermostats and lighting when your system detects when you are home or not. Furthermore, you can make adjustments to temperature and lighting from your smartphone at anytime.


Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Home automation products like the WiFi doorbell, which provides front door monitoring, can be easily installed by our Global Alarm experts. Motion activated, The WiFi doorbell sends a live video feed to your smartphone when the doorbell is pushed. Even if you are away from home, you can see, hear and speak to your visitor! Other features of the WiFi doorbell include:

  • HD Video
  • Motion Sensor
  • Live Monitoring
  • Two-way Audio
  • Color Night Vision
  • Video Recording


Imagine the convenience of being able to control your security system, A/C, heat, TV, lights, shades, and to watch, listen, and respond in real-time with just the touch of your finger and a smartphone. Besides the energy savings and security your system can provide, the convenience and ease of use are huge benefits for you. With home automation, we can show you the endless possibilities and solutions that Global Alarm Systems can offer you.