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Home Security Monitoring

Home, Sweet Home

Your home truly is your sanctuary. Protect it with a state of the art home security monitoring system from Global Alarm. Our family owned and operated headquarters are located in Whitehouse, Texas, just a few miles south of Tyler. However, our family of clients are from all over the East Texas area. Whether at home or away, our clients have peace of mind knowing that Global Alarm is always monitoring their homes and property.

Home Security Monitoring

Intruder Alert

The peace of mind you receive from knowing that your family and property are protected from a variety of dangerous scenarios is one of the greatest values of a home security monitoring system. Hopefully the system will never have cause to trigger, but if it does, local authorities are alerted immediately by Global Alarm. Studies have shown that homes without a security system are 3 times more likely to be targeted by burglars. No doubt when a would-be criminal spots a security system at a residence, it serves as a deterrent to crime. However, you can rest easily knowing wherever you or your loved ones are, your home, family, and possessions are watched over by a network of local professionals.

Fire Alert

Time is of the essence in any emergency. Fires and smoke can spread so quickly, an immediate response system can not only save your home and valuables, it can also save your life. A home security monitoring system from Global Alarm will immediately alerts authorities to the danger of smoke or fire.

Protect your invaluable possessions

Your most valuable possession might not be worth a fortune, but it is often irreplaceable. Perhaps it’s a beloved necklace your grandmother passed down through generations. Maybe it’s a photograph of your parent in the war. Or maybe it’s a handmade birthday card your child made for you in kindergarten. Our monitoring goal at Global Alarm is to keep not only your loved ones safe from harm, but also protects all your invaluable possessions,

Peace of Mind

Home security monitoring from Global Alarm Systems for your Tyler or East Texas home will give you the peace of mind you need and deserve. See how we can help protect your family.