Linear Intercoms

Linear Intercoms

Linear Intercom System

Say “intercom”, and most people think of “tiny” sound and inconsistent performance…

Those days are gone, best intercom systems are here!

Today, Linear’s communication and whole-house music distribution systems deliver true sound for music and voice. These elegant and sophisticated acoustical systems deliver quality sound throughout the home. They also ensure peace of mind with enhanced security and room monitoring features.

For more than 50 years, a company named M&S Systems has been the leading designer and manufacturer of fine systems for home communication and entertainment. These products revolutionized home communications with technology, style, and value. That company is now part of Linear, where the legacy of quality in design and development continues on.

Systems for new installation using Cat-5 wire

Linear’s DMC1 Music/Communications System offers much more than just good looks. Designed for today’s home, the DMC1 offers the homeowner the ability to communicate and monitor up to 15 rooms and supply AM/FM digitally tuned radio to each of those rooms. The 6-disc CD changer accessory can fill the home or patio with more than seven hours of music — all without reloading.

Linear’s DMC-10 Structured Wire Intercom System takes advantage of today’s modern homebuilding standard, a central wiring cabinet that provides a “structure” for all low-voltage signal distribution in the home. This hub-based intercom system features room, door, and patio stations in contemporary designs, crafted to blend into the installation’s decor.

Systems for 3-wire, 4-wire, and 6-wire retrofit installations

Linear’s DMC3-4 offers many of the same features as the DMC1, but it is engineered to run on existing wires. The DMC3-4 will replace most older 3-wire or 4-wire M&S Systems and NuTone intercoms (use DMC1 for 6-wire retrofits). Unique retrofit finish-out frames make installation easy by eliminating the need to repair drywall. The DMC3-4 retrofit also offers an optional 6-disc CD changer.