Free 5G LTE Cell Upgrade for Existing Home or Office Alarm Security Systems

Don’t let your existing Home Alarm go offline and risk a failure to communicate in an emergency! The 3g Sunset is one sunset you can’t ignore! Learn how to get a FREE 5g LTE upgrade for your home’s security system.

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Your home or office security system needs a critical cellular update.

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No, you don't need a whole new alarm system! Global Alarm has the simple, no-fuss communicator upgrade in stock.

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The Starlink LTE communicator reports alarms to your monitoring service via the latest cellular network and 5g technology.

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Without the new 5g LTE cellular technology upgrade, your system will not be able to send alarm signals to your home monitoring service.

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Why should you upgrade your home's alarm system?

  • Phone companies have started removing outdated 3g technology cell towers to make room for more robust, faster, and more advanced 5g/ LTE cellular technology.
  • The huge demand for cellular services has led to 3g technology being phased out/ "sunsetted". The 3g Sunset will affect all the security systems that communicate with 3g wireless technology.
  • Your existing alarm technology must be upgraded to the latest cell technology in order to communicate with the new LTE/ 5g cellular towers.

Can Global Alarm update alarm systems from other companies?

In most cases, yes! Our 5g Communicators, from Napco, integrate with most brands of systems and control panels. You don’t have to be a current Global Alarm customer.

Our Starlink Cellular Communicator from security system industry leader, Napco, provides the latest in LTE cellular technology to keep your home alarm and security system communicating seamlessly.

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