Albert T.

April 3, 2017

“This is not the ordinary security post. For those of you that have four-legged furry children at home this is something to think about. I received a call from Global this afternoon telling me that there was a power outage at my house and it had gone out 3 minutes ago. On a day like this it does not take long for a home to get very hot without a/c or windows open. I was about 20 minutes away and was not ready to head home yet but thanks to Global, I dropped what I was doing and headed home to take care of my 4 legged furry child. She was happy to see me and very glad to sit in the truck with a/c running while waiting on the power to come back on. Not only do they offer this service, but I also have a temperature alarm that enables them to notify me if the a/c or heat is not working but the power is still on. If the temp gets below preset mark or above preset mark then they notify us. Thank you Global for taking care of us in more ways than one.”